Extend the life of your wood fencing!

Wood fencing can provide your property with beauty, security and privacy for a long time. However, a wood fence can eventually begin experiencing wear and tear from prolonged exposure to the elements. Here are a few tips for extending the life of your wood fencing:

  • Clean the fence – Remove dirt and mold by cleaning your fence using a pressure washer. There are mold removal products that you can attach to a pressure washer to remove any mold.
  • Make repairs – Thoroughly check your wood fencing for any damage. Look for fasteners that need to be reseated or wood panels that need to be replaced. Rotting panels should be removed before the rot spreads.
  • Stain or paint the wood – By staining or painting your wood fence, you’ll help protect it from warping or twisting that’s caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain. Doing so can also help protect it against mold growth.

Compare several fence commpanies

To ensure that you purchase a high quality fence that’s properly installed, it’s important that you hire the right fence company. To do so, you should always compare several fence companies before you decide who to work with. Here are a few things to look at when comparing fence companies:

  • Compare their customer reviews online – Check online review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to get an idea of what their reputation is like among customers. Check with the Better Business Bureau as well.
  • Compare their websites – The quality of their website will often reflect how seriously they take their professionalism. Check to see what kinds of products they provide and make sure they have a portfolio you can look through so that you can get a feel for the quality of their work.
  • Compare their costs – Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, but knowing the costs will help better guide your decision. Just make sure they provide a free written estimate.

Fence material that will provide the most security

If you’re thinking about installing a fence on your property, there’s a good chance that one of the main reasons you’re doing so is to increase your property’s security. If you’re looking for a fence material that will provide the most security, it’s without a doubt wrought iron. The following are a few reasons why wrought iron fences provide such good security:

  • It’s more difficult to climb over – This is especially true if you have finial tips at the top of your fence. Very few potential intruders will want to attempt to climb over for fear of injuring themselves.
  • It’s almost impossible to break – Other types of fences, such as wood or vinyl fences, can be broken down or broken through. This is simply not happening with a wrought iron fence.
  • You can fix it to the ground – If you weld the wrought iron panels to the posts or use security fasteners, the wrought iron fence will be impossible to take apart.

Fence for increased privacy

If you’re thinking about putting up a fence around your property in order to provide a bit of privacy, then you don’t necessarily need to build a bland-looking wall – you’ve got a ton of options, especially when it comes to wood fencing. Here are a few wood fence options that not only provide privacy but also add to your property’s curb appeal.

  • Dog eared fence – These fences curve downwards at the top to give it a unique look. The curve makes it easy to keep a uniform appearance throughout the length of the fence, even if your property has a lot of hills.
  • Lattice fence – A lattice fence contains a tight pattern of crossed wood at the top that allows you to look through your fence without sacrificing a feeling of privacy.
  • Picket fence – If a solid wood fence makes you feel too secluded, a picket fence can prevent your property from being completely closed off visually while still retaining some privacy.

The difference between wrought iron gates and wood gates

The difference between wrought iron gates and wood gates

If you’re thinking about installing a gate onto your property, then you’re probably considering the different material options that you have. Two of the more popular types of gate materials include wrought iron and wood. Here are the differences that you should keep in mind before making a choice:

  • Wrought iron gates are more resistant to wear and tear. The elements can wreck havoc on a wooden gate over time, thereby diminishing its look as well as its function. A wood gate can not only be more easily damaged, but it can also experience rot, mold and insect problems – all of which won’t affect a wrought iron gate.
  • Wood gates are easier to break into. Wood as a material is simply more vulnerable than wrought iron. An intruder or thief will have an easier time breaking through the wood gate or climbing over it.
  • Although wood has a classic beauty to it, wrought iron offers an element of elegance that is unmatched.

Iron fence maintenance tips

Even though wrought iron fencing is one of the most durable fencing options available – and one that will require little maintenance while being able to resist harsh weather elements – you’ll still want to perform a few maintenance tasks once in a while to ensure that your wrought iron fence will remain in top-notch condition. Here are a few tips for caring for your wrought iron fence:

  • If your fence is near water, like a pool, consider applying a coat of wax to help prevent potential rust from developing.
  • Paint your wrought iron fence. This can prevent oxidation and rust from occurring.
  • Every once in a while, inspect your wrought iron fence for rust. You can remove small bits of rust using steel wool or sandpaper. If the fence is dirty, clean it. This will make it easier to spot future issues.

Benefits that the installation of wrought iron gates will provide

If you’re thinking about installing new gates on your property, then you’ll have a number of different options for types of gates and materials. One popular option that you should strongly consider is wrought iron gates. Here are some of the benefits that the installation of wrought iron gates will provide:

  • They’re very durable – Out of the more common gate materials, which include wood and vinyl, iron is the most durable. Not only will wrought iron stand up against regular use and exposure to the elements, but it’s more likely to hold up against larger-scale damage, such as the damage caused by a car running into it.
  • They’re easy to maintain – Wrought iron fences require much less maintenance than wood or vinyl gates, and are relatively easy to repair if minor damage does occur.
  • They are customizable – Wrought iron gates come in all kinds of styles and can be customized to your unique tastes.
  • They provide excellent security – It’s much more difficult to break through an iron gate than it is to break through a gate made out of wood or vinyl, which means that your home will be more secure.

Choose a reputable fence company

Not all fence companies offer the same quality products or services. It’s important that you compare various fence companies before you make a decision. The following are a few tips for choosing a reputable fence company:

  • Visit their website – Most businesses, even smaller, locally-owned businesses, have websites. You may not want to trust a company that doesn’t have their own website. If they do, read up on the company and the type of fences they have and can install.
  • Look at online reviews – Check websites such as Yelp or Angie’s List for customer reviews. If there are an abundance of negative reviews, then you’ll do best to avoid them.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau – Find out if there were any complaints filed against the company in question. Also check to see if the company followed up on those complaints or not.
  • Ask about payment options – A reputable company will allow you to pay using a number of different methods. Stay away from companies that only accept cash.
  • Ask for a written estimate – A company that does not provide a written estimate probably shouldn’t be trusted.

5 Common Problems automated Gates Solve

5 Common Problems automated Gates Solve

Did you know that automated gates are one of the most highly sought security products and most referred theft-deterrent solution by insurance providers? Both residential and commercial building owners choose this type of system thanks to it being able to solve these common problems:

  1. Lack of privacy.  Automated gates add a physical later of privacy to your property that prevents solicitors from knocking on your door and other passerbys from generally intruding in your space.
  2. Deter crime and unauthorized access.  Criminals look for an easy target; a place where they can grab what they want and leave without being detected. Automated gates frustrate such easy-escape plans and deter criminals from entering your property.
  3. Inconvenience. Manually-operated gates require users to step out and physically lock, unlock, and move the gates’ doors. This can be time-consuming and discomforting during extreme weather. In contrast, automated gates can be easily opened and closed with just the click of a button or the pressing of a code.
  4. Child and pet safety.  In addition to keeping people out, automated gates also help keep children and pets in. Keeping your children and pets contained within your property behind locked automate gates will help prevent accidents and other misfortunes from occurring.
  5. High insurance rates.  Depending on your insurance provider, you may even be able to get a break for having automated gates due to their enhanced security features.

How to Care for Wrought Iron Fencing

How to Care for Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing has a unique beauty and can maintain that beauty for many years. That is as long as they are kept property maintained. Rust is the most important aspect that needs to be taken care of. If it’s let go unchecked, rust can impact the structural integrity of your wrought iron fencing and cause it to deteriorate.

Here’s what you should know about caring for your wrought iron fencing and preventing it from rust:

  • Stop Plant Growth.  Keep weeds and other plants from growing  on your fence to prevent against too much humidity. It’s especially integral to prevent thorny or prickly bush and vine growth as even small scratches can encourage rust.
  • Prevent with a Protective Covering.  Add a protective coating of car wax or market-specific water repellent spray as directed by manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent moisture from seeping in.
  • Clean.  Keep your wrought iron fencing looking beautiful with regular scrub downs whenever you notice dirt accumulation. This can be done with a simple warm water and dish soap mixture.
  • Repair Where Rusted.  If you do notice rust, then it’s important to remove it as soon as possible. Use a fine grit sandpaper or wire brush to scratch the rust off. Once removed, use paint, wax, or a protective spray to further protect your wrought iron fencing.