Automated Gates Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Are you tired of lenders continual turning you down for refinance options or home equity loans? The problem may not be your credit, but rather a low home appraisal. The market value of your home is determined by the home appraisal and thus your eligibility for certain types of financial products. The Federal Reserve Board notes that in their guide on mortgage finances, that lenders will look carefully at the home’s market value in order to decide if a candidate is eligible for a refinance. There are certain things that can affect the value of the home including the upkeep of the surrounding amenities such pools, property or automated gates.

When the appraised value of the home is not greater or at least equal to the overall mortgage balance, then lenders are less likely to issue you a loan. The great news is, however, that you can do something about it.

Invest in Your Neighborhood

This might seem like an unusual step, but in the long run this will serve several positive purposes. Appraisers do not just look at your home, but they look at the neighborhood overall. If you and others in your community make a concerted effort to keep playgrounds, automated gates, and sidewalks clean and workable, the market value for all of the homes will increase or stay steady. Same goes for concerted efforts to cut down on crime through neighborhood watch programs. Staying an active member of your community and working toward improvements in schools, property, and crime reduction helps home values as well as improves the standard of living for you and your family.

Invest in Amenities

When you can add features that give your property an “x-factor” or a “wow factor” then you are increasing your home’s value and your chances of qualifying for financial products such as refinancing. You do not usually have to spend a fortune. Just look for cost effective projects that will make your home more appealing to appraisers or buyers if you are thinking of selling. Additions like great landscaping or wrought iron gates can totally transform a boring house into a spectacular house.

It is important not to go overboard with home improvements, however, because you do not want to invest so much that you cannot recoup that investment back. If your improvements go far beyond what any other home in your area has, then it is unlikely you will get that back in home value. Try to hit a nice middle ground.

What Is The Best Way To Perform Maintenance On Wrought Iron Gates After They Are Installed?

Periodic inspections should be performed on wrought iron gates to ensure they operate correctly. This regular maintenance will also ensure that any problems can be found quickly and addressed. Inspect the gates in the spring and after stormy weather. If there are problems, contact our technicians to perform immediate repairs.

What Should I Do If There Is Rust?

Rust can cause the metal to look pitted and become brittle. It will also eventually cause the gate to malfunction as the gate will be hard to open. Cleaning the rust from the gate will improve its appearance and prevent the wrought iron from becoming degraded. To clean wrought iron, scrape off the rust and peeling paint using a wire brush. Then wash it using a bucket of water and castille soap. Dry off the gate using a lint-free cloth. Our company can apply a preventative sealer to stop future rust problems

What Are Common Maintenance Problems With Hinges?

Wrought iron hinges can prevent the gate from swinging open and close, or cause the gate to fall if the hinges are loose. Tightening screws, replacing missing bolts and cleaning off the rust are common maintenance procedures for the hinges. If the hinges won’t allow the wrought iron gates to swing open and close, you can spray a lubricant on the metal.

How Do I Service An Automatic Gate?

Automated gates work by receiving a signal from a gate operator device or by sensing when a vehicle is approaching the gate. These sensors can become dirty or blocked by objects, preventing the gate from receiving a signal. By cleaning the sensors and moving objects away, the gates can receive signals to open and close.

What Can Be Done About Bent Wrought Iron Bars?

Cars, dollies, forklifts and other objects can bang into wrought iron gates as the objects bend the metal. While it may seem like a simple process to bang on the bars with a hammer or use a blowtorch, it isn’t advisable as you can ruin the decorative gate. Instead, contact our company to fix the bent bars on the gate. We will take special precautions to fix wrought iron without ruining its beautiful appearance.

Who Provides Affordable Wrought Iron Fencing Services in Houston?

Who Provides Affordable Wrought Iron Fencing Services in Houston?

Lone Star Fencing and Construction is a reliable, locally owned company that provides affordablewrought iron fencing services. Located in Friendswood, Texas, our company can do everything from install the entire fencing structure to conduct repairs on an existing wrought iron fence.

All of our rates are competitive. In fact, we offer some of the lowest rates on fencing services for residents and commercial property owners in Houston, Texas.

Our competitive rates do not mean that are customers are receiving subpar services or low quality products. All of the products we use have been personally checked for quality and are installed by trained, qualified contractors that are committed to providing superior quality customer service. This allows our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving a quality fencing structure that is built to last from contractors they trust.

What Type of Services Does a Fencing Company Provide Customers?

Installation, fence repairs, custom designing, and expansions are just some of the services a fencing company can provide to their customers. We, at Lone Star Fence and Construction, provide our customers with easy access to all of these fencing services – whether you are installing a wrought iron or wood fencing structure.

Our customers are able to go through the entire fence building process with our company. We can help our customers create a custom built fencing structure that is designed specifically for their private residence or commercial property.

Once we have created a fencing structure, we can install it. Our trained technicians can quickly and effortlessly install the entire fencing structure in just a few hours.

After the fencing has been installed, our customers know they can call upon us for help with any number of problems that may arise. Our customers can call upon us to help repair or fix panels on the fence, expand the fencing unit, install an automatic gate, or offer maintenance tips to keep the fence from rusting.

Are Wrought Iron Fences Only for Residential Properties?

No. Wrought iron fences can be used for commercial properties. In fact, many commercial property owners like using wrought iron fencing because it is durable, long lasting, and requires little to no maintenance.

3 Most Common Types of Wood Fencing

If you are looking to secure your yard and create a private atmosphere, wood fencing is a great choice. But, how do you know what type of wood fence to have installed? And how do you know what material is going to be best for the area you live and your overall fencing goals? Here are the three most common types of wood fencing and their benefits.

#1: Pressure Treated Pine

Pressure treated pine is one of the most popular types of wood fencing available. It is one of the most cost effective and it is far more durable than some other fencing options. Why? Pressure treated lumber has been specifically coated with a liquid and placed in a pressure chamber. The reaction creates a wood that repels pests and fungus to extend the life of your fence. It is one of the best fence supplies on the market in terms of practicality and usually much tougher than traditional pine.

#2: White Oak

White oak is another great fencing product. It’s lovely color and extended strength are often a draw for homeowners looking to install a fence. The only real downside to oak is its tendency to warp or bow after years of being out in the weather. However, many homeowners here in Texas don’t seem to have much of a problem with weathering in our climate as white oak is still quite sturdy.

#3: Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is another ultra popular fence material. It is pretty much naturally repellant to bugs, rot, and other ailments that often plague a wooden fence. In additional, cedar’s lovely red color makes for a beautiful addition to the exterior of most homes. The only real downside to it is cost, as prices are usually a bit higher than most, but it is still affordable for most homeowners.

These are just three of the most common fencing types on the market. However, there are many more. Examples include vinyl fencing, pole fencing, metal fencing, and others. The right type of fencing for your property will usually depend on the overall look you wish to achieve, whether or not you are trying to contain pets/livestock, and your budget.

To learn about all types of fencing–including wrought iron fencing–please contact our knowledgeable team.

5 Reasons to Use Professional Fence Companies for Your Security and Privacy Needs

Good fences make good neighbors, they also increase the security of your yard, keep your pets safe, and add to the ascetics of your home. Many try to make their fence project a do it yourself venture. Typically the results are inferior to a fence installed by the professional fence companies.

5 Reasons to Go With the Pros for a New Fence

  1. Stronger Fences No matter the material you chose, from chain to masonry, our fence will be the strongest on the block because we have installed so many that we know the many factors that cause weakness in a fence line.
  2. More Material Available Our resources will connect you with a variety of fencing materials you may not be able to find at your local hardware store. We can discuss your fencing options and show you pictures of our work in each medium so you can see an example of the final result before choosing
  3. Better Prices on Materials We buy our materials wholesale, so you will find savings in the cost of the fencing materials that will likely balance out the cost of the labor a bit. In comparison, if you buy the materials yourself at retail prices you will likely pay more,  and make more trips back and forth to the store wasting your own time and gas.
  4. Sharper Corners and Tighter Lines Our craftsmanship speaks for itself, browse through our images and see the perfect lines of our fences.  Some call them works of art. For the best looking fence, go with the pros who see their job as a craft.
  5. Professionally Engineered Gates Installing a gate takes precision for it to swing easily, yet close firmly. We have experience installing perfectly balanced gates on our fences so your yard is secure for your pets yet easy for  you to enter and exit. We also install smooth moving automated gates so you do not have to leave your vehicle when entering your yard unless you choose to.

At Lone Star Fence & Construction we are one of the most affordable Houston fence companies, yet you are not compromising quality for great prices. Our workmanship and customers attest to the quality of our work. Contact us today to discuss fencing design plans for your yard.

Reliable Services for Automated Gates in Houston?

Automated gates are great for commercial and residential properties but only if the gates are installed by a reliable company. Lone Star Fence & Construction is a reliable installer who provides quality work and professionalism to every customer no matter what type of services you request. We provide upfront quotes for work, arrive on time, and inform customers about the work we will perform so you are comfortable with our affordable services.

What Type Of Qualities Should I Look For In Reliable Gate AndFence Companies?

Qualities that our technicians show are professionalism, understanding and honesty when working with our customers. We inform you about our prices before starting the work, so you know there will not be any hidden charges or extra fees attached. We explain how we will install the automated gates so you understand the process and how long it will take to have fully functional gates. Our technicians will answer all of your questions so you are better informed about the types of gates we can provide and how they will fit into your budget.

How Do I Avoid Untrustworthy Companies?

Hire Lone Star Fence & Construction so you don’t have to deal with untrustworthy companies. We will treat you with the professionalism that you should expect in a fence and gate company. If you hire a different company’s technician and see that they are taking shortcuts with the installation of the gate or are damaging parts, immediately call us for better services.

Also, never get work from a person who is not using all the parts necessary to install the gate or are taking parts away to their truck. Instead, tell them you no longer want their services. Then contact Lone Star Fence & Construction as we will ensure the gate is installed professionally and safely.

What Else Should I look For In A Reliable Gate Company?

Lone Star Fence & Construction offers superior customer support as we help you through the entire process of ordering and installing your automated gates. If you have any questions during the process, we will use our years of experience to give you a thorough answer. So you can make an informed decision about the gate you want for your commercial or residential property.

What You Need To Find Out From Fence Companies

Do Fencing Companies Take Care of The Permitting?

When you decide you want a fence, it usually requires permitting. This can come from the city or the county and potentially also from your community association based upon whether it is deed-restricted or not. A fence company can assist with all of the permitting you require. It’s also important to look at the fence height that you require – and your fence company can assist here as well. A six foot high fence is usually the recommendation when you are looking for privacy. Anything higher may not be permitted in your area.

What are My Options with Fence Companies?

There are many options to look into with fence companies. One of the first is to establish the material. While wrought iron fencing has been popular because it allows for a lot of customization, wood and PVC have also been popular. Each one has pros and cons and it’s a good idea to discuss them with a professional.

Even with wrought iron, primers and paints can be applied. This can help with the overall weathering and the aesthetic to ensure the fence looks good on your property for a long time.

Obtain an image in your head of what you want your fence to look like and then go over it with the fence company to see if they can comply.

How Do I Know I Have Found the Best Fence Company?

A good fence company is going to come out and provide you with a no-obligation quote in person. This allows for the property to be measured and for you to have the opportunity to ask questions. The representative should also be able to provide recommendations for what the fence should look like based upon your property.

The best fence company is going to be licensed and insured, have a number of high reviews, and provide you with a competitive price for the fence to be constructed and installed. Lone Star Fence & Construction can show you work done from past jobs and explain the process to you. They have become one of the top fence companies in the area. When you call, someone will be happy to answer questions and schedule a representative to come out and provide an estimate.

Finding Out About Wrought Iron Fencing

Is wrought iron fencing the preferred method for fencing in an area?

Wrought iron fencing is characterized by the dark or even black metal as well as unique and vibrant designs. While some fencing can be straightforward, there is also the chance to have a personalized look as well. The characteristics of wrought iron make it easy to use outdoors without having to worry immediately about such threats as corrosion and pitting. While these things can happen, there are options to ensure the fencing is properly weathered to last many years, even in the harshest of outdoor elements.

What are some of my options for fencing?

There are various methods used for fencing. When you are looking to add character for the fence of your home or business, the two primary materials is that of wood fencing and wrought iron fencing. Wood can be painted a variety of colors. However, it is vulnerable to warping, rot, and fire. Wrought iron is stronger and can be used with various patterns, though it does not provide the same level of privacy that a wooden fence can offer. Therefore you have to weigh the pros and cons of each in order to make an educated decision. Scheduling a consultation with Lone Star Fence & Construction can make it easier to determine what should be done.

Can I customize wrought iron fencing?

There are many options to customize wrought iron. When you want wrought iron fencing, you need to consider such factors as:

–           fence Height

–           Desired Privacy

–           Overall look of the fence

–           Function

–           Presence of gate

When you look at all of these, it will be easier to establish what it is that you want and describe it to the company who will be doing the fencing for you. At Lone Star Fence & Construction, you can look at past designs and get an idea for what you want and how to make the design unique. This includes various designs to the gate as well as the post caps of each post. The goal is to get the fence to surround your property, but there is no reason why you cannot have it speak volumes about the personality of your home or business at the same time.

Where Can I Find Affordable Wood Fencing Services in Houston?

Where Can I Find Affordable Wood Fencing Services in Houston?

Select a company that provides different wood types for fences, offers a large variety of construction designs and offers a wide range of services. Lone Star Fence & Construction has the experienced personnel who will work with you to bring your fence designs to life. Select from different styles and colors that go with the look of your property. Find out what wood products are best for the fence, and then let us design a fence that looks great on your residential or commercial property.

What Services Should I Look For In A Fencing Company?

Lone Star Fence & Construction provides more than just different fence products to customers. We provide custom designs so you can create the type of fence desired for you property. We also offer installation, repair and replacement services for existing fences. Lone Star Fence & Construction is a full-service fence company that has a wide range of products and services to residents and commercial property owners in Houston and the surrounding area.

What Other Affordable Products Are Available?

We provide wrought iron gates along with wood fencing products. When you are looking for choices, we offer the best solutions in decorative outdoor gates as well as fences for commercial and residential properties. We handle small and large products as we will give you a fence that looks fantastic and operates exceptionally. We also offer fences for privacy and security so your home or business is protected. Whether you need a fence to frame in your garden or a privacy gate for your outdoor business operations, we here at Lone Star Fence & Construction can provide you with the products that are affordable for your budget and will last for many years.

Do You Provide Custom Wood Fencing?

Yes. We work with our customers to bring their ideas to the drawing board. We listen to your opinions and provide you with options in regards to the style, color and type of wood to use for your fencing. Then we will construct the fence to your specifications and install it so it functions properly for years. We also will repair or replace existing fencing until you are satisfied with our products.

Companies That Provide Services For Wrought Iron Gates In Houston?

Companies That Provide Services For Wrought Iron Gates In Houston?

Lone Star Fence & Construction can handle the creation, installation or repair of your wrought iron gate. Whether you use the gate in your backyard garden to decorate the landscape, as a privacyfence for the entrance of your driveway, or as a delivery gate for your commercial business, Lone Star Fence & Construction can provide it to you. You want to work with our company that has professional technicians that offer the highest quality of construction and knowledge of products to help customers select the best gate for their properties.

Can I Obtain Custom Gates?

People are not restricted to the gates that are currently in stock. While you might find the gate piece you have in mind at Lone Star Fence & Construction, we encourage our customers to get the exact product they have always wanted. If they don’t see it available, we can create it for them. We work closely with customers to design a gate that matches their preferences and suggest the types of materials for its construction so it comes out perfectly.

How Do You Handle Repairs To Gates?

Fence companies such as Lone Star Fence & Construction will come to your property to inspect the damage to your fence and offer repairs. Our technicians will repair the wrought iron gates right on your property so they are functional for your residential property or commercial establishment with minimal delays. We will evaluate the problem, listen to your concerns, and give you options for repairs. Then we will perform the work until the gate again has its functionality and decorative purposes.

Do You Perform Installation in My Area?

Lone Star Fence & Construction offers installation throughout the Houston area and surrounding region. If you live in Pearland, Houston, Sugar Land, Alvin, Friendswood and League City areas, we can offer you a range of services that include the installation of your wrought iron gates. Simply contact our company and we can begin offering professional and helpful advice to get started in choosing the gates that will work best for your particular property. Then we can deliver and install your gate so it is functional.