What Is The Best Way To Perform Maintenance On Wrought Iron Gates After They Are Installed?

What Is The Best Way To Perform Maintenance On Wrought Iron Gates After They Are Installed?

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Periodic inspections should be performed on wrought iron gates to ensure they operate correctly. This regular maintenance will also ensure that any problems can be found quickly and addressed. Inspect the gates in the spring and after stormy weather. If there are problems, contact our technicians to perform immediate repairs.

What Should I Do If There Is Rust?

Rust can cause the metal to look pitted and become brittle. It will also eventually cause the gate to malfunction as the gate will be hard to open. Cleaning the rust from the gate will improve its appearance and prevent the wrought iron from becoming degraded. To clean wrought iron, scrape off the rust and peeling paint using a wire brush. Then wash it using a bucket of water and castille soap. Dry off the gate using a lint-free cloth. Our company can apply a preventative sealer to stop future rust problems

What Are Common Maintenance Problems With Hinges?

Wrought iron hinges can prevent the gate from swinging open and close, or cause the gate to fall if the hinges are loose. Tightening screws, replacing missing bolts and cleaning off the rust are common maintenance procedures for the hinges. If the hinges won’t allow the wrought iron gates to swing open and close, you can spray a lubricant on the metal.

How Do I Service An Automatic Gate?

Automated gates work by receiving a signal from a gate operator device or by sensing when a vehicle is approaching the gate. These sensors can become dirty or blocked by objects, preventing the gate from receiving a signal. By cleaning the sensors and moving objects away, the gates can receive signals to open and close.

What Can Be Done About Bent Wrought Iron Bars?

Cars, dollies, forklifts and other objects can bang into wrought iron gates as the objects bend the metal. While it may seem like a simple process to bang on the bars with a hammer or use a blowtorch, it isn’t advisable as you can ruin the decorative gate. Instead, contact our company to fix the bent bars on the gate. We will take special precautions to fix wrought iron without ruining its beautiful appearance.

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