What You Need To Find Out From Fence Companies

What You Need To Find Out From Fence Companies

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Do Fencing Companies Take Care of The Permitting?

When you decide you want a fence, it usually requires permitting. This can come from the city or the county and potentially also from your community association based upon whether it is deed-restricted or not. A fence company can assist with all of the permitting you require. It’s also important to look at the fence height that you require – and your fence company can assist here as well. A six foot high fence is usually the recommendation when you are looking for privacy. Anything higher may not be permitted in your area.

What are My Options with Fence Companies?

There are many options to look into with fence companies. One of the first is to establish the material. While wrought iron fencing has been popular because it allows for a lot of customization, wood and PVC have also been popular. Each one has pros and cons and it’s a good idea to discuss them with a professional.

Even with wrought iron, primers and paints can be applied. This can help with the overall weathering and the aesthetic to ensure the fence looks good on your property for a long time.

Obtain an image in your head of what you want your fence to look like and then go over it with the fence company to see if they can comply.

How Do I Know I Have Found the Best Fence Company?

A good fence company is going to come out and provide you with a no-obligation quote in person. This allows for the property to be measured and for you to have the opportunity to ask questions. The representative should also be able to provide recommendations for what the fence should look like based upon your property.

The best fence company is going to be licensed and insured, have a number of high reviews, and provide you with a competitive price for the fence to be constructed and installed. Lone Star Fence & Construction can show you work done from past jobs and explain the process to you. They have become one of the top fence companies in the area. When you call, someone will be happy to answer questions and schedule a representative to come out and provide an estimate.

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