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About Wrought Iron Gates

What is the appeal of wrought iron?

The look of wrought iron has wide appeal, having been used for centuries and continues into modern times. The unyielding metal offers strength and timeless grandeur. Tall, wrought iron gates may separate the grounds of a private estate from unexpected visitors and passersby. In all economic levels, wrought iron bars may be seen outside of windows as they make an aesthetic statement while enhancing security. The appeal of using wrought iron is evident in its durability and its diverse usage.

Is iron a man-made product?

Iron is a chemical product and is used to make other metal materials such as steel which has become the number one metal used globally. Wrought iron is no longer commercially produced but the name is still used though in truth the product is made of mild steel. The word “wrought” was originally used because the metal was worked by hand in a strenuous process. Mild steel and stainless steel is cheaper to produce and quickly became the metal of choice in constructions. If stainless steel had not become so prevalent, landmarks in Houston such as the JP Chase building might boast traditional wrought iron features.

What are the different types of fencing?

In both commercial and residential construction, fencing comes in all styles. The style chosen is indicative of how the property is perceived.  Automated gates, vinyl, and chain link fences are all used. Styles vary though the purpose is similar – to provide perimeter security to a property.

Why is the star shape so popular on Texas gates?

Texas is the Lonestar State and so it is fitting that the shape of a star became a popular representation of Texas. The star is often seen on metal gates and fences. The art of blacksmithing has been refined over hundreds of years and artisans often demonstrate Texas pride by incorporating simple or elaborate stars onto their metal framework.

Wrought iron gates are distinct in their appeal and Texas boasts various designs in both commercail and residential properties.

To learn more about Texas wrought iron fencing and features, contact Lonestar Fence in Houston. Our workmanship is honored through a full warranty and customer satisfaction is assured.

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