Wrought Iron Fencing: To increase the Value, Safety, and Aesthetic of Your Home

Wrought Iron Fencing: To increase the Value, Safety, and Aesthetic of Your Home

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Wrought iron fencing and wrought iron gates have adorned dwellings and stone churches for centuries, making their aesthetic strong and their structure complete. The term wrought iron simply means worked iron, though much iron today is not worked to the extent it was in the past. Modern wrought iron is, however, very beautiful nonetheless. Iron remains a classic, strong, and cool material, leaving a structure with a sense of permanence and strength.

This effect can enrich a family home, but it is also perfect for creating an aesthetic of quality outside of a professional building or office. Installing high quality, strong fence around your house, pool, or business will increase the value of the property. Nothing says class and maturity like beautiful wrought iron gates and fencing. Iron also compliments wood and stone beautifully, combining for the perfect look.

A wrought iron fence is perfect for making the pool area a safe place for children and animals alike. Keeping your children safe is important. At home and at the office, aside from looking great,wrought iron fencing protects what it surrounds. A wooden fence will block much need view to the pool area, while an iron one will allow for maximum visibility. The CDC recommends a 4′ tall or higher fence with a sturdy gate, stating on their website, “More than half of all swimming pool drowning among young children could be prevented by four-sided fencing that completely separates the pool from the house and the yard.” The addition of strong fence improves the beauty of the property, while keeping your loved ones safe.

We make deciding to improve your property with quality iron fencing easy. At Lone Star Fence & Construction, our main priority is to impress our customers with premium craftsmanship. We guarantee our work. So there is practically no risk. We proudly serve Houston, Friendswood, League City, Sugar Land, Alvin, and Pearland, TX. Contact us today for more information!

Proudly serving Houston, Friendswood, League City, Sugar Land, Alvin and Pearland, TX.

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