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Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Wood Fencing Beautiful

A wood fence can be a very worthwhile investment for your property for any number of reasons. A wood fence adds both security and privacy while also helping to boost your curb appeal. Unlike other materials, wood fences tend to work better with the natural environment, thereby creating a more seamless and complementary aesthetic. However, one of the things that you need to realize before you have a wood fence installed is that it does require a little bit of maintenance. You need to take care of your wood fence in order to ensure that it lasts and to prevent issues from occurring that may require repairs or even replacement. The following are 10 tips that will help you to take care of your wood fencing:

  1. Seal the wood panels – If you aren’t going to paint your wood fence because you want to keep its natural color, then you’ll need to seal it. Staining the wood panels can give them a hint of color while still keeping a natural look as well. How often you reseal or stain your wood panels depends on the climate you live in, but general rule of thumb is that if water no longer beads up on the surface but soaks into the wood, then it’s time to reseal or re-stain the wood.
  2. Change the direction of your sprinklers – This is something many people often forget to do. Yes, your wood fence gets wet anyway when it rains, but you don’t want your wood to get soaked every single day. This increases the risk of rot. Point your lawn’s sprinklers away from your wood fence so that they aren’t in the line of fire.
  3. Keep the bottom of the fence out of the ground – We recommend letting the bottom of the wood fence hang a bit above ground in order to prevent exposure to moisture as well as to insects such as termites. If you prefer to have your fence extend into the ground, consider encasing the bottom using concrete and caulk to give the wood some protection.
  4. Keep plants a few inches away – You won’t want your plant life to be too close to your wood, which means that you should try to avoid having vines crawl up your wood panels. Shrubs and other plants that are too close to your wood fence will make your wood panels more vulnerable to rot and insects, such as termites. Keeping your plant life a few inches away from the wood should suffice, you just don’t want them to be right up against the wood.
  5. Be careful when hanging things from your fence – You may want to hang some decorations off of your wood fence. Doing so can help make your yard feel more inviting and pleasant, but be careful about how much weight you hang from your wood panels. Heavy items can cause the wood to warp over time. If you hang lighter decorations off of your fence, make sure that they are spread out so that the combined weight isn’t affecting the fence as much.
  6. Wash your fence regularly – Don’t make the mistake of thinking the rain will just wash your fence for you. If anything, rain dirties up wood fences even more. Take a power washer to your wood fence on a regular basis. Doing so not only helps keep your fence looking clean, it will also remove the dirt and debris that can gather in the wood’s holes and pores. If you don’t have a power washer, you can make a simple cleaning solution using warm water, bleach and a teaspoon of bleach-safe soap. When using this solution, make sure that any plants that might get in the way are covered up.
  7. Do damage control – If you notice an issue with your fence, have it fixed right away. For example, if one of the wood panels has begun to rot, replace it as soon as possible. Not only is damage like this unsightly, but it can create a bigger problem if it isn’t taken care of immediately. One rotting panel will soon turn into three rotting panels, and so on and so forth. So make sure that you keep any eye out on the condition of your wood fence so that you can do damage control when it’s needed.
  8. Make small repairs when needed – Not all wood fence issues will turn into exponentially more serious problems if you ignore them. However, you won’t want to ignore smaller issues for too long as they can affect both the function and the look of your fence. Many smaller issues can be repaired with simple waterproof glue and tape clamps.
  9. Repaint the wood panels every couple of years – Paint acts as a sealant, which means that by repainting your wood panels every few years, you’ll help to keep it protected. This is important since your wood fence will be exposed to the elements, which will eventually cause wear and tear that can cause the existing paint to fade or chip away. Besides, a freshly painted wood fence will help keep your property looking at its best.
  10. Keep grills away from the fence – If you enjoy grilling outdoors, then by all means, go for it. Just make sure that your grill isn’t set up near your wood fence. Not only is it a potential fire hazard (the last thing you want is for the grill to be knocked over into your fence by accident), but the smoke, grease and other related cooking stains that result from the use of a grill can stain and damage your wood fence over time. Make sure that when you use your grill, it’s far enough away that it won’t affect you wood fencing in any way.

To keep your wood fence looking brand new and to prevent any future problems, be sure to use these 10 tips in order to care for your wood fence. For information about installing commercial or residential wood fencing on your property, be sure to contact us at Lone Star Fence & Construction today.





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