Top 10 Creative Garden Wood Fencing Ideas

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Top 10 Creative Garden Wood Fencing Ideas

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Garden Fencing Ideas

Garden fencing allows you to unleash your creative side, and decorating the wood fence in the garden is the best way to achieve that. The best part about some of these garden fence decoration ideas is that they don’t require a lot of investment. Use your creative instincts to create some of the most radical and aesthetic garden wood fences. These fences can be a great way to create partitions in your garden for a swimming pool or vegetable patch. They will not only add a classier look to the garden but will also ensure that the backyard is visually appealing.

Design of the Fence

One of the most important things to consider in the garden wood fence is the overall design that you are going after. Select a design that matches with your personality and the type of look that you want in the garden. Then pick out numerous designs for wood fencing with the help of a landscape designer in order to ensure that it is both functional and attractive.

Materials Used in Fencing

There are literally lots of options available when it comes to garden wood fencing materials. Get creative with your ideas and check out some of the most innovative ideas that are around for garden wood fencing today. Metals and wrought irons have also made a huge impact on wood fencing and they have been used to create some truly unique fences in gardens.

So check out our top 10 list of the best creative garden wood fencing ideas:

1. Rustic Stars

Adding a rustic star on the garden fence can give it some much needed personality and can definitely showcase your creative talents. It can be made easily by taking a star from grape wine wreaths, a raffia bow, a rustic metal start, and reclaimed wood slats.

2. Plates & Dishes

One of the best ways to decorate the garden wood fence is by making use of old plates and dishes. It will definitely increase the aesthetic appeal of the fence and try combining them with a few metal pieces to create a work of art.

3. Salvaged Wood & Metal

Another great way to give the garden fence an uplift in style is by using salvaged metal and wood. Most of the pieces will look bland if placed alone, but put them together and watch the magic happen. Arrange them in an order that is different and you will have a garden fence that stands out.

4. Rusty Old Tools

What good are rusty old tools inside the shed? Create sparks in your garden by organizing or hanging rusty old tools on the wood fencing. Give them a rub and a shine and to have a unique decorating piece that will add some much needed personality in the backyard.

5. Shelves & Décor

A great way to decorate the fence is by using some of your favorite items such as shelves and other decoration items. Hang them and even add shelves in them to make good use of them when they are hanging on your garden fence.

6. Old Window Frame

Want to provide a unique look to the garden fence? Adding an old window frame on the fence is a great way to decorate it. Not only will the fence become the focus of attention but it will allow you to decorate much better this way as well.

7. Galvanized Buckets

One more way of decorating the garden fence is by using buckets, with lots of pretty flowers. Mount this on the fence and watch as your garden really comes to life. Drop the potted plants and shake things up in your garden with this decoration method.

8. Kitchen Trivets and Candle Holders

Another great way to ensure that you get a superbly decorated fence is by using kitchen trivets and candle holders. It will provide the artistic touch that you want and will also offer an outstanding decoration piece for your garden wood fence.

9. Plants with Character

One of the easiest ways to have a great looking fence is by using plants with character. Add them on the fence to really turn on the style, and ensure that your garden wood fence has got character and style.

10. Outdoor Art Gallery

What better way to show your artistic talents to the world than by hanging your artworks on your garden fencing? It will not only make the fence look more attractive but will also offer a chance to make use of all that artwork that was gathering dust sitting inside the house. It will surely provide your garden wood fence with some personality.

These 10 ideas will help you in creating some truly remarkable decorations for your garden wood fence. There are so many numerous designs out right when it comes to decorations for fences, which can make it extremely confusing to select any particular design. However, start by creating a great vision and then try to acquire materials that are durable and will look different. This will ensure that your fence is truly unique and does the job of increasing the value of your home and raising its aesthetic appeal.


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