Professionally Designed Wrought Iron Fencing by Lonestar Fence & Construction

Professionally Designed Wrought Iron Fencing by Lonestar Fence & Construction

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

There’s something decidedly charming and classic country about the combination of solid grained wood and wrought iron fencing. Innovative conceptual designs are nothing new with the Lone Star Fence and Construction Company.

It’s What We Do:

For example, our company staff was looking for a solution for a customer who wanted to keep their pets within their boundaries, but they just couldn’t give up the idea of a beautiful, white, three-rail fence surrounding their property. Our solution was just the thing they needed and wanted. We designed a beautiful three railed vinyl fence using a custom router application, and attached chain link behind the three rails to safely keep the dogs on the inside.

The look is simple, neat, and classic. Our customers were delighted to have their favorite, classic three-rail country look, with minimal maintenance, plus a nearly invisible solution to contain their pets. Because of our experienced and innovative staff, we presented the perfect fencing solution to a seemingly impossible request.

Wrought Iron Fencing:

With over a decade of commercial and residential fencing service experience, we are confident that our trained employees are ready and able to find solutions for all of our customer’s fencing ideas. We provide a nice selection of styles, sizes and colors with various materials creating a customized wrought iron fence that perfectly suits any property requirements.

Wrought iron partners with many types of wood fencing. We also build masonry fences that provide a look of strength and permanence for commercial or residential properties. Another solution that will impress guests as they drive up to the property is our selection of automated gates.

Swimming Pool Surrounds:

While discussing wrought iron fencing, we must include the benefits of using our product for swimming pool fencing. Pool fencing made of iron have visibility so everyone can see what’s happening at the pool, even from a facing window in the home.

Keeping within the greater Houston building codes for swimming pool safety, the vertical iron posts must be spaced 4″ or less apart to prevent children from squeezing between them. Not only is this fencing material strong, safety conscious, and code compliant, it is one of the most appealing security fences available in the industry.

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