The Great Debate: Wood Fencing VS Wrought Iron Gates

The Great Debate: Wood Fencing VS Wrought Iron Gates

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Some people have difficulty deciding between wood fencing and iron gates.  Many people are fond of wooden gates because of the appearance they offer a property.  In this situation, you have to select the best choice for your home.  Factors, such as weather, will determine the type of fencing you use.  Many people who are on a budget will have to consider many different aspects and details of fencing for the home.

Fencing Cost Comparison

Budgeting for a fence can be time-consuming.  The type of fencing you choose will determine the price you pay.  You should also consider the number of linear feet you need to be constructed for the design you desire.  Shopping for the best price would be in your best interest, so compare the two most common fencing materials that are used for the type of project you are doing.  If a contractor is completing a project for you, they may compare prices differently, or they will place everything together, provide the prices, and let you choose which materials you enjoy the best.

Another factor you need to consider is comparing the same things.  Comparing apples and oranges will not work in the construction world.  The material you use must be the same quality and longevity in order for the project to be completed successfully.

For most projects, chain link fence, wood, vinyl, and wrought iron are used.  Chain link fence is the most inexpensive, averaging $6-$8 per foot.  4’ tall wood fencing averages about $9.  Wood fencingthat is 6’ tall runs about $15.  Vinyl fencing is the second most expensive material to use, averaging at $20.  Wrought iron is the most expensive type of fencing to use, and it ranges from $20 to $30.

Construction Pricing Factors for Fencing and Gates

Site Access & Preparation

As far as site access is concerned, this is the ability to deliver materials and supplies that are required to complete your design.  If site access is not available, other methods will have to be used which can result in an expensive construction.  When it comes to site preparation, this is the time when the construction site is prepared for the design.  The design will be best when the construction area is flat and bare.


Trees can cause many issues with the construction of the fencing.  Large and old trees can cause an issue when the fence is being set up.  Underground roots pose the most concern because they can interfere with the project.

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