Facts That Need to be Considered Before Installing Wood Fencing

Facts That Need to be Considered Before Installing Wood Fencing

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

When people want to give their home a new, unique appearance, wood fencing becomes the topic of discussion.  This type of fencing gives a home a unique personality and appearance.  There are ten facts that we advise you to consider before you install a wood fence for your home.

1. Knowing What You Want

You may have an idea or understanding of what you want, but here at Lone Star Fence & Construction, we help you weigh the pros and cons of each type of fencing we offer.  You need to be certain of what you want and know why you want it.  Ask yourself why you want a wood fence.

2. Conduct Research

Now that you are certain you want a wood fence, you need to research the characteristics and benefits of having a wood fence.  Another factor you need to consider is building codes.  Every neighborhood is not the same and different building rules, and codes may apply.

3. Hire Professionals

Instead of making a DIY disaster, it will be in your best interest to hire professionals to get it done right the first time.  Installing a fence is a lot more difficult than it looks.  Lone Star Fence & Construction can help you turn your home into a beautiful work of art.

4. Include Your Neighbors

When you are ready for us to install your fence, it will be a good idea to include your neighbors.  You don’t have to let your neighbors know all of your plans, but you can include them in your fencing plans, especially if your fence will affect your neighbor’s home in any way.

5. Temperature Control

When you are ready to install a fence, you may need to consider the climate.  Whether it snows, rains or the wind blows on a regular, you need to make sure your fence is ready and prepared.  We can coat your fence with protector solution to ensure your fence is protected from the weather.

6. Entrances & Exits

Wood fencing is the perfect way to create a stunning entrance and wonderful exit.  Many people use fencing for convenience and safety reasons.  If you want to keep your home neat and organized, and safe, putting a fence around your home is a great idea.  A wood fence, like wrought iron fencing, is the perfect way to design and style the entrances and exits to and from your home.

7. Design & Style

When you want your home to stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, putting a wood fence in the front of your home or around your home is the best way to go.  When it comes to design and style, wood fence will be perfect.  If you would like, painting the fence will make a drastic difference.

8. Going Green

“Going green” with wood fencing is one thing that homeowners are interested in.  When you’re ready to go green, you can incorporate plants and bushes within the wood fence to incorporate the perfect landscape design.

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