How to install wrought iron fence - DIY

How to install wrought iron fence – DIY

Posted on April 7, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

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As malleable as its composition, wrought iron fencing is stately, elegant and imposing all at once. Wrought iron has been used for centuries, and it’s still popular today in the form of fences to mark property lines, security gates, automated gates (e.g. driveways), balcony rails, security doors and more.

While professional installation of wrought iron fencing is suggested, you may successfully install your new fence if you’re handy with tools.

Setting the Posts

Mark the hole locations 8 feet apart in a straight line by marking with a string.

Use a hole digger to dig 8-inch diameter by 24-inch deep holes.

Mix concrete in a wheel barrow or other suitable container, and pour it around the posts with a shovel.

Set the posts to the proper height, which is typically 4 inches higher than the top of the fence panel. Confirm height with a laser level.

Plumb each side of the posts.

Let the concrete set for no less than 24 hours.

Hanging the Fence Rails

Slide the brackets to the fence rails.

Place a fence panel between the posts.

Block beneath the panels to adjust to the correct height. Use a laser level.

Use a nut driver and self-tapping screws to secure the brackets to the posts, keeping the panel plumb.

Cut any infill panels to size, and use the same installation procedure.

Once all the panels are installed, glue on the spear points or other decorative parts using liquid nails or silicone caulk. Make sure the points dry vertically.

Wrought iron fencing adds beauty and value while protecting your property. People look in at the building and others inside the fenced area can look out. This type of fencing last a lifetime when it’s properly installed.

Wrought iron fences and gates can be installed with stone, brick or wooden posts to work with professional landscaping. The individual iron bars can feature attractive finials on their tops. Wrought iron fencing comes in different sizes and heights with twisted and criss-cross patterns along with special designs that turn a gate or fence into a work of art.

Leaf patterns, hearts, trees, animals, birds, vehicles, your initials, name or business logo can be created in wrought iron. You will find numerous intricate wrought iron scrollwork patterns that can be used for fences, gates, stair and balcony railings.

These strong iron fences can provide a security perimeter for commercial and industrial buildings.

Installing a wrought iron fence or gate should be done by professionals. You can also do some of the advance work:

Determine the desired height and design of the fence and/or gate.

Layout the area you want to fence with your landscaper.

Obtain all necessary building permits

Select latch systems

Make sure that electrical systems are available if you want an automatic gate.

A well designed wrought iron fence and gate will enhance any property.

Classy and Practical: Wrought-Iron Fencing Projects

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wrought-iron fencing. If you can dream it, Lonestar Fence & Construction can turn it into reality. Wrought-iron fencing is pliable, which means that it can be shaped into various elaborate designs. Wrought-iron fencing is also more than simply another way to mark the boundaries of your property line–it provides a design feature that will add value and curb appeal to your home or business.

Driveway Gates

Using wrought iron for your driveway gates provides you with a product created by skilled craftsmen, with only the best materials to ensure you’ll enjoy years of use.

Installation of wrought-iron fencing should only be done by experts. Choosing wrought iron for your driveway gates will provide you will a high quality, aesthetically pleasing product with proven longevity.

For Gardens

Consider the use of wrought-iron fencing within the confines of your property. The accents of wrought iron are sure to heighten the splendor of your flowerbeds. Since this type of wrought-iron fencing averages only 1-3 feet in height, this particular type of project is cost effective yet eye-catchingly beautiful. .

For your Home or Business

One of the benefits of using wrought-iron fencing is that you can see through it. If you are not in need of extreme privacy, this can be an advantage. The street view of your home will be classy, upscale, and appealing to those catching a glimpse of what lies beyond through lace-patterned stanchions.

Wrought-iron fencing can be forged into any shape, so you can indulge in over-the-top, lavish designs, or you can use a minimalist approach that will still draw attention to your home and provide the added security and durability you need.

More Reasons to Install Wrought-Iron Fencing

Wrought-iron fences are an eco-friendly alternative to more traditional materials like wood or chain-link because they are constructed to last for generations. They do not need to be replaced as frequently as traditional fencing options and the materials used in your wrought-iron fencing projects can be reused if you move from your home or business and do not wish to leave your wrought-iron palisades behind.

Be sure to hire a reputable and reliable company that employs quality craftsmen to ensure proper installation and longevity.

No matter what type of wrought-iron fencing project you’re in the market for, Lone Star Fence & Construction will provide you with excellent customer service and detailed, professional workmanship.

Updated by Steve Rogers on November 30th, 2015

Wrought iron fencing can add elegance to your property–especially when considering the many designs you can use as well as the fact that wrought iron fencing can easily compliment other materials, such as brick or stone. The following are a few practical uses for wrought iron fencing, plus a few basic installation tips:

Practical Uses

Improve Security – If you’re looking to protect your property from potential intruders, installing wrought iron fencing around your property is an effective way to do so. Wrought iron fencing is strong and sturdy, making it less likely that unwanted visitors could penetrate the fence in a way that they might with wood or wire fencing.

Establish Boundaries – If you have a garden on your property, you can use wrought iron fencing to establish boundaries between the different sections of your yard. Remember, you don’t have to necessarily use tall wrought iron fencing. A wrought iron fence of about one to three feet high can be perfect for your garden and can help keep small animals out.

Installation Tips

While the actual installation of your wrought iron fence should be left to a professional, here are a few tips to prepare for installation:

Decide how high you want your fence to be.

Lay out the area you want to install the fence in.

Obtain all the building permits you need to install the fence (your contractor may be able to help you with this)

Choose a latch system.

If you plan on installing an automatic gate, make sure that electrical systems are available.

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