Why you should install a fence

Why you should install a fence

Posted on April 7, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

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There are many advantages to installing a fence. Fences provide security and privacy for your home, and clearly delineate property lines. Fences may also enhance your home’s appearance and value. Although, you may be on the fence, so to speak, about which fencing material is right for your needs.

Advantages of Wood Fences

Fences are manufactured of many materials, including wood, steel, iron, vinyl and masonry. Each fencing type has its share of advantages and disadvantages, though many are characterized by their intended purpose. Size up the following attributes and advantages wood fencing delivers over other fence types:

Cost: If you’re like other savvy consumers, budget is always an important factor when undertaking a home project. The end cost of any project depends on numerous variables. Generally speaking, wood fence installations are less expensive than vinyl, iron and masonry, but more expensive than chain-link fencing.
Customization: Wood fences offer a great advantage for quick and simple customization that is just not practical with other fencing types.
Maintenance and repairs: All fencing types are going to require maintenance and repairs. Again, wood fences are split with a strong advantage for easier and considerably less expensive repairs. However, wood fences may require more maintenance through the years.
Literally the “green” choice: Wood fences are the “greenest” available of the common fence materials. Moreover, there are many options to dispose or re-purpose wood fencing.

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