Advantages wood fencing has over other fence types

Advantages wood fencing has over other fence types

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

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There are plenty of great, practical reasons to install a fence: to block wind and noise, gain an extra measure of privacy , keep pets safely enclosed within an area, and much more. But what type of fence should you choose? While each fencing material has its own benefits and drawbacks, wood fencing often tends to come out on top as the overall best choice. Here are just some of the advantages wood fencing has over other fence types:

It’s Durability.

While you might need to replace a picket or a post from time to time, wooden fences can last for up to 20, sometimes even 30 years when kept properly maintained. Plus, many varieties of wood, such as cedar, actually achieve a more desirable look with age.

It’s Affordability.

Fences rarely come cheap, with some iron fences costing upwards of ten thousand dollars and more to purchase and install. As a naturally occurring resource, wood doesn’t have a ton of manufacturing costs and thus is a much more affordable options for most homeowners.

It’s Beauty.

A wooden fence’s arguably greatest quality is its attractiveness. Wood fences offer a timeless and rustic appeal that will add to the appearance of most any home. In fact, the addition of a wooden fence can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal, in addition to its actual property value as beauty pairs with function.

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