Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Posted on July 18, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Choosing a fence for your home or business is a big decision.  Not only do you have to consider the appearance of the fence, you also have to consider the budget that is allocated for the project.

When you start looking into your options, you will come across several different types of fences — wood, chain link, aluminum, wrought iron, and others. Each of these options has its own benefits. If wrought iron is on your short list, you should familiarize yourself with its benefits.


Wrought iron fencing is very durable and is suitable for residential or commercial use. It can withstand the hot Texas summers and the rainy season. It can even withstand snow and ice if winter weather finds its way here. This helps to ensure that your property remains secure.

The construction is solid. There aren’t any nails or metal twist clips used to secure the pickets to the rail. Instead, the pickets are welded to the rails. The rails are secured firmly to the posts, which keeps each panel in place without much, if any, wiggle room.

Since this fence isn’t flexible, you don’t have to worry about cracks occurring in bends because there isn’t a way for the fence to bend. If the fence is on an incline or decline, it has to be stepped.

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal that wrought iron fencing provides can fit in with any area. Historically wrought iron fences were used in wealthy areas that were filled with stately homes. In the modern day, these fences can be found around mansions and other smaller homes. Wrought iron fencing is also commonly used around swimming pools and other areas of a yard that need to be partitioned off. In some cases, wrought iron fencing is used on top of retaining walls.

Wrought iron fencing is available in several different designs, which enables you to choose the style that meets the needs of your home. Some options are a basic style that keeps the focus on the building and landscaping. More intricate designs add a style element to your property.

When you are considering wrought iron fences, you should think about the overall style that you are trying to achieve. This can involve taking a look at the style of your home and the landscaping that is visible around the fence. Since the design of wrought iron fences is open, it won’t provide privacy or hide what is behind it so be sure to take the whole background into consideration when you choose the wrought iron fence for your project.

Multiple Applications

Wrought iron fences are suitable for multiple applications. They are good for homes or businesses. They can mark property lines, provide security, and add beauty. The purpose of the fence has an impact in the style of fence you choose. Let the person to whom you speak when you are finding out about wrought iron fencing options known the intended application so you can learn which options are suitable.

Even though these fences have an open design, the small space, usually smaller than 4 inches, between pickets ensures that intruders can’t squeeze between the pickets. The pickets aren’t easy to remove, so that makes it even more difficult for someone to get through the fence. One thing that it won’t keep out of the yard is animals, so make sure you consider that when you are planning the fencing project.

When you consider the fence style you are going to have installed, the height is important. If the fence is decorative, it might be a shorter fence. If it is for security, it would need to be higher. If the fence is being installed around a pool, it must meet height and other requirements.

Learning about state and local ordinances is also important since some areas have height restrictions and other caveats that can affect your options. In some cases, a permit might be required. Using a professional installation company means that you likely won’t have to worry about the permit or ordinances because professional installation companies have a working knowledge of these aspects of the project.

Another consideration is the gate you will need. If the fence is around a driveway, a matching driveway gate is necessary. You might also need a smaller gate for a walkway. Be sure the fence you choose has the gating options you need.

Easy to Complement

The openings between the fence pickets make the space around the fence a perfect area to add design elements that complement the fence. It is crucial to consider the style of the fence when you are planning to add things like statutes, hedges, flowers, trees, fountains, and other items.

The style of the finials is one of the important design elements that you have to consider. Almost any design elements would work with a basic wrought iron fence that doesn’t have any finials, such as a basic pool surround fence. Fleur de lis finials, however, would work better with traditional decor instead of something like a modern art sculpture.

Cost Effective

When you think about all the benefits of wrought iron fencing, you can see that it is well worth the money that you will spend on it. Wrought iron fencing is an investment in your property. This is one reason why you should make sure to have it professionally installed so you know it was done properly.


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