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8 Benefits of Using Automated Gates

8 Benefits of Using Automated Gates

Adding a gate to your property is a great way to improve a number of things, from the privacy of your home to its security. However, there are many different types of gates that you can choose from. For added benefits, you may want to think about having automated gates installed. Automated gates work by either punching in a code or pressing an entry transmitter, which results in the gates opening up automatically. The following are eight of the benefits of installing an automated gate onto your property:

1. Automated gates increase the security of your property

Potential thieves are much more likely to avoid homes that have gates in general, but they’ll be even more wary of attempting to break into a home with automated gates. This is because they will have to attempt to scale the gate to enter the property, whereas with a normal gate they may have a chance of picking the lock and sneaking in. Few thieves will want to expose themselves by climbing over the gate since such a suspicious act will be more likely to be noticed by neighbors or the police.

Additionally, you’ll be able to keep track of who comes and goes from your home since you’ll need to open the gates for any visitors that arrive.

2. Automated gates improve the convenience of your home

Although a normal gate does provide adequate security, the process of coming and going becomes much more involved and inconvenient. If you’ve just gotten back home, you’d have to park your car in front of the gate, open the gate, drive through the gate, park the car and then close the gate behind you. You can eliminate all of these steps with automated gates since you can just open them with the press of a button.

3. Automated gates increase the safety of your family

Not only will automated gates help keep out thieves and potential criminals, thereby keeping your family safe in that respect, but automated gates will help keep your young children and pets from wandering off of your property and getting lost.

4. Automated gates increase the curb appeal of your property

Automated gates are available in all types of designs and styles. A well-designed automated gate can complement your property’s aesthetics and even improve it by adding an element of luxury and elegance to your property’s look. You should have no issues customizing the look of your automated gate using a variety of colors and styles.

5. Automated gates increase your property’s value

Because automated gates can improve the curb appeal of your property, they’ll help directly increase the value of your property. Additionally, buyers recognize the added security and convenience of a property that has automated gates and will be more willing to pay a higher purchase price for the home.

6. Automated gates offer more customization options

The customization options of automated gates aren’t just limited to their design options. They refer to the way the gate functions as well. For example, automated gates can be built so that swing open (like traditional gates), lift up or even recede by sliding into the perimeter. You can also use either remote operation or password-protected access to operate the automated gate.

This makes it much easier to invest in an automated gate that will fit you and your family’s unique needs.

7. Automated gates can help lower your insurance premiums

Homeowner’s insurance is not something that you can do without. If you purchased your house using a mortgage, then your lender most likely required you to purchase homeowner’s insurance. Even if you were able to pay for your home entirely out of pocket, homeowner’s insurance is a smart way to protect yourself financially should your home experience any damage.

Insurance companies will determine the cost of your premiums depending on a large number of factors, including how much your house cost, how big the house is, what the crime rate in the neighborhood you’re living in is and whether there are any potentially risky features on your property (such as a swimming pool).

They’ll also take into account any safety or security features that you’ve invested in, which is why automated gates could help to lower your homeowner’s insurance premium. An insurance company will realize that your home will be much more secure due to the automated gate. There’s a much smaller risk that your house will be robbed than a house without an automated gate. Since there’s less of a risk, they’ll be more willing to cover you for a smaller premium.

8. Automated gates provide excellent ROI

Considering all of the previous benefits, from the added security and home value to the ability to help reduce your homeowner’s insurance, the ROI (return on investment) of an automated gate should be pretty clear. Automated gates are also not very expensive considering those many benefits, and they are incredibly easy to take care of.

Automated gates require very little maintenance and are designed to provide long-lasting durability. A high-quality automated gate will not wear down or break down over time due to exposure to severe weather or from decomposition, making automated gates a fantastic investment for your home.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that make the installation of automated gates well worth their cost. If you plan on investing in a gate, put some consideration into automated gates instead of traditional manually operated gates. For more information about installing automated gates on your property, contact us at Lonestar Fence and Construction today.






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