7 tips for hiring a quality wood fencing contractor

7 tips for hiring a quality wood fencing contractor

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

In the market for wood fencing, but not certain how to judge the options in front of you? Don’t worry, with these seven tips, you’re certain to find quality wood fencing, backed by top notch labor, guaranties, and support.

1) Look into references

References are the single greatest tool available when looking for a wood fencing contractor. A good company will have its share of happy customers willing to share their story, especially if they work for businesses. Even if they work primarily with residential customers, it’s easy to find good references. If nothing turns up, that’s worth worrying over.

Of course, you should take any bad reviews you come across with a grain of salt, especially on the internet; people are far quicker to take action when they’re unhappy. Most people aren’t as eager to leave four or five-star reviews as they are to leave a complaint about a perceived slight. Use your judgment.

2) Check their history

A new company isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a long-lived one is certainly doing something right. A business won’t make it for twenty years by constantly botching jobs and engendering negative word-of-mouth.

If you find the company you’re investigating doesn’t have a long history, look at the employees. Even if the company is new, the top decision-makers have a history of their own. If no one has any experience, or at least none they want to mention, then it’s time to start worrying.

3) See what products they offer

If you know anything about wood fencing, you can get a good sense of the company by looking at the quality of the materials they use. Good products? You’re probably looking at a strong company that cares about its work. Terrible goods? Then beware, because customer satisfaction clearly isn’t a high priority. This should be doubly alarming if lower-grade products come paired with ambiguous or weak guarantees/warranties.

Also, you don’t want a company that’s looking to shoehorn their favorite choice into your home or business. You want a company that knows how to adapt, and can install the wood fencing most appropriate for your needs.

4) Ask a lot of questions

Questions will be your single greatest weapon. Do some homework on what you’re looking for, so you know which questions to ask. Then, pay attention to the answers and how they’re delivered. Confident delivery of answers, refusal to guess without more knowledge, and frank admissions that they’re not sure about a particular matter are all good signs.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the other items on this list outright, either. It’s  easier to be up-front with a contractor, instead of trying to dig up dirt on the internet.

5) Check warranties and guarantees

Companies love to be able to brag about their warranties and guarantees. It’s an excellent marketing tool, after all, so a company that doesn’t mention it should be viewed carefully.

Why? Because companies that offer strong promises can fulfill them without having to come back and waste time and money. Companies that can’t keep their end of the bargain can’t make promises without going bankrupt.

6) Look for professionalism

A good wood fencing contractor should be a professional in their interactions with you. Not posh or subservient or anything like that, just confident, straightforward, and reliable. That means that if they set a schedule, they should adhere to it—no late arrivals to meetings without a good reason. That means not trying to trick you or leverage dishonest tactics to raise prices or sell unnecessary additions. If you don’t get a sense that the contractor takes your fence as seriously as you take your own job, move on to another.

7) Investigate customer service and support

Customer support is always important. If you need it, you don’t want to find out it’s terrible when it’s already too late to change contractors. It also serves as a strong indicator of overall work ethic, confidence, and quality. A business that frequently disappoints customers with customer service likely has other problems. You want a company that cares about the customer experience, because it will reflect on other aspect of the company.

Final thoughts

A good wood fencing contractor may cost more, but it pays off long term. Take some time, do your homework, and be sure your wood fencing contractor stands up to scrutiny. The peace of mind alone will be worth the investment.



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