10 Ways to Modernize Your Yard Including Using Automated Gates

10 Ways to Modernize Your Yard Including Using Automated Gates

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

Have you thought about and planned for your landscape and home exterior yet? Perhaps it is time to make some upgrades and to change the way your home looks and works. There are plenty of steps you can take to improve the look of your yard through technology, eco-friendly upgrades, or modernized methods. The good news is that when you make these changes you will be improving the value of your home, too. There are plenty of ways you can make your space more enjoyable with the addition of a few modern tips and solutions like these.

#1. Install solar panels

There are many variations of this step. You can install solar panels on your home’s roof and generate energy to power your home (not to mention sending extra back to the utility company to make a bit of money.) Solar panels have fallen in price and become more readily available than ever. If you don’t want to take that big of an investment step, go for solar lighting. Light your pathways, decks, and driveway with solar powered lights. This is a onetime investment that can save you money on electricity while allowing you to create an eco-friendly environment.

#2. Install automated gates

Why should you invest in automated gates? First, they add an incredible level of safety to your home. They allow you to safeguard against many of the risks you face on a regular basis – such as strangers coming up to your home or your pets getting out. This is an easy investment that adds a lot of sophistication to your home.

#3. Add fencing

Fences have been used around homes for centuries. They make sense for many reasons, including the fact that they work to provide privacy, beauty, and security. But, you do not have to go with a basic chain link fence. For a more modern choice, upgrade to wrought iron or other types of materials. You can also invest in wooden fences. Modern styles allow you to add an incredible layer of protection to your home in a natural environment. Wood fencing products last longer than ever, too.

#4. Add a security system

Another way to upgrade and modernize the exterior of your home is with a more modern security system. Avoid those that have wires leading up to your home or bulky monitors. Modern products are hard to see, highly effective, and have improved visuals. You can also tap into these systems using your smartphone. That means that when someone comes to your front door, you can pick up your phone – no matter where you are – and find out who is there. Security systems can also be designed to use fingerprints or security codes to allow access to your home. That includes accessing any door, including the garage, in your home.

#5. Get rid of the lawn

There is an increasing number of people who are ditching their lawn and investing in ground cover or eco-friendly gardens. The reasons are numerous. First, lawns require a lot more attention and ongoing maintenance. Ground cover is more environmentally-friendly because it does not require the use of a lot of watering and it handles foot traffic well.

#6. Ditch the gas-powered lawn equipment

The next step up for improving the overall energy efficiency of the exterior of your home is to get rid of gas powered power equipment. From the tiller for your garden to your lawnmower, it is now time to purchase lithium ion models that use batteries to work. These products have dropped in price, have long battery lives, and they are now more powerful than ever. These are all good reasons to make the upgrade.

#7. Upgrade your roofing

When you want a modern look to your home, start at the top. Modern roofing products can do a great deal for your home. Choose energy efficient products that work to reduce how much heating and cooling you need to do. Look for products that deflect sunlight. Metal roofs are one option, but traditional shingle products can also work. On the other hand, consider a rooftop garden, which is an excellent solution for most commercial roofs. It aids in water retention and energy efficiency.

#8. Add more entertainment space

With the addition of a new patio, a built-in kitchen, or a fire pit, you can spend more time outdoors than ever. How can you make these more efficient and modern? Use solar power to operate any electrical components. Use natural stones instead of concrete. You can also install a variety of plants throughout the space to encourage a green lifestyle.

#9. Add some trees

Trees are an outstanding investment for around your home. They work well to block out the hot sun’s rays when the summer months are present. This allows your home to be 10 to 15 percent cooler in these areas. Well-placed trees can also minimize wind damage in the winter months by protecting your home. And, they can work very well to allow the winter sunlight to penetrate your home and roof to encourage warming.

#10.  Go with a low-water consumption landscape

Xeriscape or other methods of drought-resistant landscaping is yet another way you can improve the overall look and feel of your yard while being environmentally friendly. This type of system uses native plants that do not require a lot of water to flourish. You’ll want to look at plants that are easy to care for and maintain, but beautiful. The good news is that with the addition of a few hardscape components, you can have an impressively beautiful space that is also good for the planet.

There are many ways you can get your yard looking and functioning they way you want it to. From the investment in technology to environmentally-friendly upgrades that save you money and benefit the planet, there is a great deal you can do to make your space perfectly suited to all of your needs. Take a few minutes to consider your budget. Then, consider the options you have to making modern upgrades. Before you invest, ask yourself if these methods are going to add value to your home, make it more functionally beneficial, or better for the environment. It’s a fast and easy solution for making your home more you.

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