10 Types of Fences Houston Fence Companies Can Install

10 Types of Fences Houston Fence Companies Can Install

Posted on April 8, 2016 by Lone Star Fence & Construction

When in need of new fencing for your Houston-area home, business, farm, or ranch, it is often preferable to contract the services of seasoned professionals. A properly installed fence should be strong, long-lasting, and aesthetically attractive, and the skilled labor on staff at local fence companies know how to ensure your fence meets these high standards. Additionally, professional fence-builders will be able to tackle large projects in an organized, step-by-step manner that will allow your fence to be installed quickly and at an affordable price.

There are literally hundreds of different types of fences to choose from on today’s market, and it can sometimes be difficult to know what the best fencing option is for your particular purposes. Below, we will look at 10 of the most commonly installed types of fence to help you gain some perspective on your options.

1. Privacy Fences

Privacy fencing is used simply to keep prying eyes out of a back yard or other private area, or to additionally supply a degree of security against would-be trespassers. For the most part, privacy fences are still wooden, but PVC is becoming increasingly popular. PVC is preferred for its low-maintenance needs, but wooden fences offer natural beauty and a cheap installation cost.

Metal privacy fences succeed at greatly increasing security levels, but they also must be kept well-painted to prevent rusting. One of the most important uses of privacy fencing is to guard private swimming pools to keep out pets, the neighbor’s kids, or any uninvited guests.

Pool privacy fences are typically wooden or metal, but in either case, a fully functional security gate is needed. Furthermore, a tall, sturdy structure will be required by–and inspected–by most local municipalities.

2. Chain-Link Fences

Common at parks, sports fields, and around city power plants, chain-link fences are sufficiently strong and durable but less expensive than other forms of metal fencing. The grade of metal will greatly affect the durability of the fence, and coating the chain-links in vinyl will extend the life of the fence even further.

3. Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron is easily the strongest and most attractive of metal fence types. There is an incredible variety in the height, width, and design features of the metal bars that form the fencing, and the manner in which the horizontal and vertical runs intersect also is very diverse. Many times, wrought iron fence sections will be interspersed between brick and mortar columns with concrete caps, which creates a truly classic appearance.

4. Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is like other metal fencing in many ways, but it surpasses other options in that it is rust-proof and virtually maintenance free. For a metal, it is rather lightweight, yet it is strong enough that pets cannot chew through it and strong winds will not bend or topple it.

5. Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences are a Southern tradition, particularly in rural areas, but in recent years, they have become very popular for landscaping purposes nationwide. The more practical and rustic use is for keeping in livestock, but modern rails and posts are often weather-treated and cut less roughly. Usually, a split rail fence will have two or three holes per post with rails running five to seven feet. Spacing between rails is typically about 16 inches. The wood used for most split rails is pine, but cedar is becoming quite popular as well.

In some cases, a split rail fence will only run on one or two sides of a yard, not enclosing the terrain. They usually serve purely aesthetic purposes. Another split-rail off-shoot is the corner-unit fence. A single post is placed in a corner, and two rails, which cross diagonally near ground level, extend from it in both directions.

6. White Picket Fences

White picket fences are an American icon, and they are one of the most decorative fence-types in existence. Depending on how closely the panels are spaced, they can serve the practical function of keeping pets and small children inside the fenced area. Traditionally, these fences are made of wood, but white PVC is gaining ground as an alternative. What are, more or less, “miniature versions” of white picket fences are frequently found lining gardens and flower beds as well.

7. Bamboo Fences

A special kind of privacy fence with exotic beauty and uniqueness is the bamboo pole fence. Bamboo poles, whether natural or artificial, are individually tied to the two adjacent poles. Ultimately, this forms a solid wall of bamboo that is surprisingly strong and weather-resistant, and that presents a medley of light- and dark-shaded bamboo pieces for a striking overall effect.

8. Horse Fences

While, in the past, horses were always contained with wooden fences, the modern ranch or livery stable may well use vinyl fencing instead. Wood must be painted and repainted, though initial installation is very cheap. Vinyl barely ever needs a repair, though when it does, whole sections may need to be replaced for the sake of isolating the damage.

9. Electric Cattle Fences

Many farmers utilize electric fences to keep their cattle or other livestock within the confines of a field. There are many varieties of hot-wire to choose from, and a string of barbed wire is often stretched along the bottom of the fence. These fences are fairly inexpensive and are easy to install and repair, but it is imperative that the installer knows how to deal with electricity safely.

10. Masonry Fences

Concrete, stone, and brick fences are among the most expensive options, but they are preferred for the solid barrier they create as well as for their beautiful appearance. Solid, reinforced concrete footings are commonly used for greater stability, and extremely high-grade masonry blocks are needed to build a structure that will reach to six feet or more. In some cases, concealed rebar may help hold brick and stone fences together. In reality, this type of fence is essentially a “small wall,” with formidable security potential.

When looking for a top fence company in the Houston area, you should ask not only how much experience the contractor has in fencing but also how much he has in the exact type of fencing you are having installed. Lone Star Fence & Construction is one Houston-based company that offers wide-ranging and deep expertise for every type of fence project. They can help you decide on which fence-type is best for you and can even customize your fence to fit your precise specifications.



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