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Affordable Automated Gates in Houston?

Lone Star Fence & Construction offers affordable automated gates to both residential and commercial customers throughout the greater Houston area. Located in Friendswood, Texas, our company provides service to customers in Sugar Land, Alvin, League City, Friendswood, Pearland, and Houston.

All of our services for gates are competitively priced. This competitive pricing allows us to offer our residential and commercial customers with the best prices possible when it comes to our services.

Our company specializes in offering a variety of gates to customers at great prices. We have various colors, styles, and materials available to choose from that can be used for gates on both residential and commercial properties. Our employees are available to help assist customers create the gate and fencing structure that will best fit their needs. Contact us at Lone Star Fence & Construction to learn more about our services for residential and commercial customers.

Who Offers the Best Installation for Automated Gates in Houston?

Lone Star Fence & Construction provides the best installation services for gates in the Houston area. Our employees are committed to providing superior quality customer service to all our customers. Every project that comes to us, no matter how big or small, is important to us and we want our customers to be satisfied.

Our company can offer high-quality installation for all types of gates. Whether there is a need for wrought iron gates at a commercial property or wooden panelled gates for a private residence, our employees are able to effectively install the gates for our customers.

Our company specializes in not just installing the gates for our customers, but making sure that the structure and gate is securely built. All of our employees who install the gates pride themselves on creating high-quality construction that is built to last. Call us at Lone Star Fence & Construction to learn more about our installation services for gates and fences.

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Reliable Services for Automated Gates in Houston?

Lone Star Fence & Construction is one of the most reliable fence companies that offer automated gate services. Our company provides reliable service to the greater Houston area. We are proud to provide service to various cities throughout Texas including Pearland, Sugar Land, League City, Alvin, Friendswood, and Houston.

One of the reasons we provide such reliable service is because of our commitment to customer service. All of our employees are dedicated to providing both commercial and residential customers with superior quality customer service. We help our customers through the entire process of buying and installing automated gates.

In addition to our commitment to customer service, our company is also known for installing high-quality structures. We pride ourselves on building and installing high-quality gates that are built to last. Contact us at Lone Star Fence & Construction to learn more about our residential and commercial services for gate installation.

Top advantages to owning an automated gate

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  • 5 Common Problems automated Gates Solve

    5 Common Problems automated Gates Solve

    Did you know that automated gates are one of the most highly sought security products and most referred theft-deterrent solution by insurance providers? Both residential and commercial building owners choose this type of system thanks to it being able to solve these common problems:

    1. Lack of privacy.  Automated gates add a physical later of privacy to your property that prevents solicitors from knocking on your door and other passerbys from generally intruding in your space.
    2. Deter crime and unauthorized access.  Criminals look for an easy target; a place where they can grab what they want and leave without being detected. Automated gates frustrate such easy-escape plans and deter criminals from entering your property.
    3. Inconvenience. Manually-operated gates require users to step out and physically lock, unlock, and move the gates’ doors. This can be time-consuming and discomforting during extreme weather. In contrast, automated gates can be easily opened and closed with just the click of a button or the pressing of a code.
    4. Child and pet safety.  In addition to keeping people out, automated gates also help keep children and pets in. Keeping your children and pets contained within your property behind locked automate gates will help prevent accidents and other misfortunes from occurring.
    5. High insurance rates.  Depending on your insurance provider, you may even be able to get a break for having automated gates due to their enhanced security features.
  • Benefits of automated gates

    Published by Lone Star Fence & Construction

    There are a lot of advantages to automated gates, some you may not have even thought about before.

    A Deterrent to Intruders

    Security may be the most obvious advantage to automated gates. Especially if your property is located in either the countryside or a suburban area, there’s no telling how many people wander down your path, driveway, or entryway. You can’t be certain that they’re all there for innocent reasons. That being said, if your home or business is located in an urban area, an automated gate is the very first level of security to keep out unwanted visitors that are looking to break into your property to steal your valuable items.


    Convenience is yet another reason to purchase automated gates. There is nothing more wearisome than getting home from a long day of work only to get out of your car, manually open the gate, get back in the car, drive through, get out of your car again, and then manually close it. With an automated gate you simply click a button to open, drive through, click again to close, and you’re home.

    They’re a Great Investment

    Automated gates are an incredibly cost-effective way to increase the value of your property and add curb appeal. They look expensive, thereby giving the appearance that your property is high-end; but luckily, good automated gates cost less than you may think.

  • Advantages of automated gates

    Published by Lone Star Fence & Construction

    Installing an automated gate offers a number of advantages to home and business owners. Among these are:

    Convenience. When you opt for an automated gate, you don’t have get out of your vehicle to open a gate or remove any other privacy barriers. One click does it all.

    Security. Having a gate allows you to enclose your property completely with a fence, thus improving your security and deterring would-be criminals.

    Privacy. A completely-enclosed property also deters salespeople and other uninvited guests from just dropping by unannounced.

    Peace of mind with kids and pets. By securing your entire perimeter, you also don’t have to worry as much about pets getting loose and kids wandering off unattended.

    Curb appeal. An automated gate gives your property an elegant, luxurious feel and boosts your property’s curb appeal.

  • Automated Gates: 6 advantages for every property owner

    Published by Lone Star Fence & Construction

    Several words may come to mind when describing the fencing that surrounds the homes in your neighborhood. A white picket fence may provoke feelings of nostalgia, while a chain link fence may remind you of functionality. You may be curious if there is a way to combine both charm and function.

    Automated gates are the answer to providing your home with curb appeal, added security, as well as a return on your investment. If you have been “on the fence” about automated gates, once you learn the advantages, you will see how they can fit your home or business needs.

    Automated Gates: 6 advantages for every property owner

    1. Increased Property Value: Making improvements to your home can always help better the value of your property. If you are looking to add an automated gate to your home or business, you will not only give you home a stylish makeover, but your property’s value will rise.

    2. Property Protection: A welcome addition to any home or business, automated gates provide an extra layer of security that can keep unwanted visitors from stepping foot onto your grounds. Automated gates provide a multipurpose solution for your security needs.

    3. Long-Term Cost Effectiveness: When hearing the term “automated gates, ” most assume that they are expensive and that they’ll never be able to afford them on a budget. This is untrue especially for commercial properties, since automated gates provide a long-term security solution that is low-maintenance and helps prevent property crimes like burglaries, trespassing and criminal mischief. The investment made into an automated gate often ends up being more cost-effective than traditional fencing.

    4. Constant Safety: Whether you are protecting your children and pets, deterring unsolicited guests from your property, protecting your valuables, adding a layer of privacy or ensure the integrity of your business, gates are a dependable security choice. You can have year-round protection without the need to hire additional staff. An automated gate affords you the confidence of knowing that your home will be protected from unwelcome access to your property.

    5. Fully Customizable Access: Unlike traditional fencing options, automated gates can be wholly personalized to meet your needs. You can choose to have a password-protected entrance or remote-control access, as well as select an option of whether you want your gate to lift upward or swing open when welcoming guests. Customizing your automated gate will allow you to choose the best solution for your security needs, while still maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing environment.

    6. Lifelong Durability: Automated gates are designed to provide you with long-lasting sturdiness that will protect your family or business for years to come. Traditional fences easily become weathered as the materials can decay over time, whereas the construction of automated gates will remain intact indefinitely. Your automated gate will provide security for decades without the need for regular maintenance.

    Lonestar Fence & Construction delivers the finest quality automated gates to suit your needs.


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